Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Weekend outings

It's been a while since darling and I went out to pak tor. So last Saturday, we decided to eat out at a place called Fratelli in Sorrento. Also as our Entertainment Book expires in June, we have been actively looking for opportunities to use up our vouchers.

It was a cosy restaurant, a family type atmosphere. I had the steak with prawns, while Li-Ann had the seafood risotto. Seemed like very similar orders to what we had at Lago Di Como previously, but I supposed we know what we like.

We were both very satisfied with our meals. Although Li-Ann found her risotto too rich to finish, so I helped her without complaints! The service was very quick and friendly too.

On Sunday midday, we joined our SLB gang for dim sum. We tried out this place called Wong Ting in Northbridge. Not bad, but it would have been better if the fried stuff were slightly warmer.

Then in the afternoon, Li-Ann and I watched the Ironman 2 movie. Without giving too much away, personally I was a bit disappointed. I found the script a bit messy with no proper flow. I was only entertained in the first and last 15 minutes of the movie.

Maybe better luck with Robin Hood or Prince of Persia?


ian yusof said...

wow, those are huge portions. Love the way they sprinkle paprika around the plate of Li-Ann's risotto

K3vski said...

I'm used to these portions already. When I eat in Malaysia, I'm never satisfied haha.