Monday, 17 May 2010


It has been a while since I've updated my blog on my training regime. Well, things have been ticking steadily. Triathletes are creatures of habit and I am no different. In fact, I have stuck to the same training plan and even the same routes for the last 3 years! (although the run route was changed after we moved house last November)

Since the Tuesday and Thursday 1 hour swim sessions now start at 7pm (instead of 6.30pm), I usually have my dinner prior to the swim. I guess I'm getting used to swimming with a full stomach now. And I'm glad that my fast twitch muscles are coming back into play, as I'm beginning to enjoy the sprint sets. The weather is getting cold, but luckily the heating in the pool has increased, which makes the swim pretty comfortable.

Wednesday 13km runs have been causing a bit of trouble lately. I find myself going okay in the first 4.35km loop, but tightening up after that and have to jog slowly for the remaining two loops. Maybe due to the lactic acid buildup from the swim session the night before.

Friday - thank God it's Friday! Friday is the only day (apart from Monday rest day) which I don't do any cardio workout. Strength training is important for triathletes to focus on isolated muscles for injury prevention as well as to maintain good form.

Saturday's 80km bike ride was done in VERY cold conditions. It must have been 5 degrees that morning. My fingers and toes were freezing and only warmed up towards the end of the ride. I clocked an average of 30.1kph. It was pretty calm that morning, but I supposed the cold weather prevented me from going too fast. My rear brakes had been pretty unresponsive lately. I brought the bike to Phil at Runners World and he replaced the whole cable free of charge, and at such short notice too, what a nice guy!

Sunday's run was much better. I clocked 18:54 for the first two loops and sprinted the last loop in 18:11. Completed the whole 13km in 55:58, my first run under 56 minutes since Ironman Langkawi. My modified orthotics are working well too, with minimal post run soreness on my left foot. Things are definitely progressing positively, although a bit inconsistent in the run.

Patience is key.


ian yusof said...

whoa, you are one fast runner.

K3vski said...

Thanks Ian, I had lots of practice. But still need to improve :)