Monday, 8 March 2010

One week later...

So the post IM race high is slowly diminishing. Frequent checking of Facebook status updates, blog postings, Multiply photo albums is gradually reducing.

I've been back in Perth for about 6 days now. It did take me a while to get used to getting back to work. Mostly because I was having trouble waking up, I felt sleepy most of the time... I thought I read somewhere that apart from the muscle sores, it takes about a week for the body to recover physiologically as well.

But I can say I'm pretty much recovered now. No more sores. No more tiredness. Just a bad tan on my back, constantly dropping dead skin particles.

I attended my usual swim session on Thursday night. Felt pretty okay. I think I took longer to get back into my normal swim pace last year.

Saturday morning I did an easy 40ish km ride. I left my speedometer at home, so I had no idea how I fast or how far I was going. It felt a bit awkward doing a workout without any specific goals. I finished the ride in 1 hour 40 minutes.

That night, Li-Ann and I went out for a belated Valentine's Day dinner at Lago Di Como, a small cosy family owned Italian restaurant with interesting pictures.

Food was pretty good. I had the steak with seafood, while Li-Ann had the chicken risotto. Reasonably priced too. None of the mains were more than $35.

We then had a stroll at the South Perth foreshore before having some dessert. We saw a sign for $10 deal for coffee and cake at this posh restaurant, Palais 85. I felt a bit uncomfortable going in just for dessert but the wait staff were very accommodating.

Sunday morning I initially wanted to do an easy run but the pain at my inner left foot (which has been since December) was still there, so I decided to avoid running completely until I'm fully healed. I'm not in a hurry to get back into running for any upcoming race.

It felt a bit unnatural not having any training to do, or training to recover from on a Sunday. But we managed to attend to some overdue house chores.

This weekend I'll be making a quick trip home for a close friend's wedding. I'll be running the Bareno run with my family on the morning after the wedding. Let's see how recovered I will be to be able to dish out a 15km.


ian yusof said...

the food looks so goooddddd!!!!! and the desserts .... ahhh .. so sinful!
Glad u had a good post-valentine dinner!!

fook said...

take a rest for another long journey ahead :) u did well in langkawi! congratulations!

K3vski said...

Ian: Yeah, although I wished the dessert was slightly bigger. But cannot expect much for $10.

Fook: Thanks, yes will enjoy the R&R.

galnexdor said...

why feel paiseh? D and i always go to specific restaurants for specific things...thats why our dinners can go to like 3 different restaurants in one night just to try different things...:P

K3vski said...

Nolah, it was just because the place was very nicely set up. Everyone else were having proper meals. They had to remove all the plates, wine glasses and cutlery. They even handed me the $10 bill in those leather envelopes.

Frank@Runnerz said...

I"ll be photographing again at Bareno Run. Woot!