Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mind over matter

Over the weekend, we played host to my uncle, who came for a quick business trip. Mum said he had always been very ambitious since young. And that cannot be any more true.

My uncle maximised his time here in Perth. He had a full schedule and met many people. I hope he managed to uncover potential business and investment opportunities from this trip.

Despite his busy agenda, we were able to share two wonderful dinners with him. One at Ruby's Restaurant at The Roundhouse Tavern and La Vela in Scarborough. Both were very satisfying meals and it was a pity I didn't take any pictures.

One of the interesting discussions we had was the various training courses my uncle attended, including one by Anthony Robbins.

Anthony Robbins with Jack Black in the movie Shallow Hal

My uncle described how Anthony Robbins can change people's state of mind and help them improve their lives. His courses are very much in demand and had to be booked almost a year in advance. My uncle had the opportunity to be part of his crew actually.

Relating this back to my triathlon training, I wondered if attending one of his courses could help improve my racing performance. After all, we spend hours training our bodies but not devoting enough time to train our minds.

And then I found out that his courses are priced about US$20,000...

Hmm... I think I'll just stick to self visualisation for now...

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