Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dark days

Some pretty black happenings lately.

On Monday, Perth was hit by the worst hail storm ever in 16 years. For a time period of 45 minutes, around 4pm, about 25mm of rain water was collected. The storm left 150,000 homes without power. There was severe flooding in Metropolitan area. Car windscreens were smashed by hail with the size of golf balls. King's Park had landslides, and nearby residents had to be evacuated to spend the night at the Perth Convention Centre.

Myself and Li-Ann were very fortunate actually. Our house had some slight water leakage on one part of the garage wall, but that was it. Li-Ann's car left window was cracked by hail and her car roof and bonnet now has acne pock marks.

Our workplaces had slightly more damage. The roof in my office boardroom was leaking, soaking the long table and leather chairs. The carpets still stink until now, there is a massive queue to get it fixed. One of the libraries in UWA had an underground floor and it was completely flooded, damaging all the books and materials. Li-Ann waded in knee deep water to get to her car.

To date, there are about a few hundred homes without power. Some of our close friends and colleagues had flooding in their living room, lights falling from the roof, sunroofs blown away. My heart goes out to these people.

Li-Ann is away for the weekend. Her grandmother passed away middle of the week. Very sad, but she has lived a good, long life of 94 years. It's a pity that I haven't had the chance of meeting her but she's in a much better place now.

On my recovery and training side, I did an 80km ride this morning. It was pretty windy, but I was happy to average at 29.4kph. After the ride, I dropped by The Running Centre in West Perth and 2XU Performance Centre in Subiaco, two recently opened joints. Yes, I was putting myself at the brink of temptation, but I'm glad I didn't cave in. I already have one too many of tri gear and apparel!


Anonymous said...

wooh.. din know it was that bad, as the news just reported just golf ball size hails no mention of the extensive damages done. have really got to start learning to appreciate the weather here.

K3vski said...

Yeah, even the car repair shop doesn't want to fix them. The cars will be written off by the insurers, giving an assumed value.

yipwt said...

yea..heard this on news...looks like pretty bad. I wonder how hail attacked cars looked like :P

K3vski said...

Hahhah I can take a picture of Li-Ann's car to show you. It has dimples everywhere. But hers is one of the minor cases.

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