Monday, 22 March 2010

Full on

Another miscellaneous update on the happenings of the past week or so. Yes, I'm doing these updates pretty often lately. Too many things happening to be making individual posts for each event.

It was darling's birthday on Monday. We had dinner at Sirocco, Burswood - a cosy bar restaurant place, seems to cater more for the hotel guests. I had the lamb souvlaki while Li-Ann had caesar salad. The food were pretty good, although a bit too strong in flavour. Reasonably priced too.

We then had dessert at Catalano, an italian cafe in Victoria Park. Coincidentally, two days later, we had dinner here with Li-Ann's family, who flew over for her brother's graduation. Food was good with large portions too.

The following few days we had very good meals. Including a trip to Swan Valley on Saturday and a fabulous German lunch at Elmar's.

On Sunday morning, after Li-Ann's family went back, I went for the 60km Freeway Bike Hike. It was a last minute decision. But I thought it would be a fun outing, as many of my SLB friends were taking part. Definitely more fun than doing a 60km solo training ride.

I clocked 1 hour 44 minutes for the ride (my speedometer showed 59 km - average 34kph). I pushed myself pretty hard actually, was only aiming for 32-33kph average. I originally wanted to stay off the aero bars as it was meant to be a group ride. But the winds were pretty strong and it seemed safe enough to use the aero bars as I wasn't in any pack. I stayed in aero about 90% of the ride. I enjoyed myself too, this was the only chance we could ride on the freeway - we had all three lanes closed up for us cyclists, all the way from Kwinnana to Joondalup.

Later that afternoon, our friend, Kiez treated us to a birthday meal at Shilla in East Perth. It was also a farewell for Justin, who is going back to Korea. We ate lots, we were so full until we skipped dinner that night. Thanks Kiez for the treat!


Anonymous said...

errrr.. d chicken looks so delicious.. can i have some ..? :)

K3vski said...

Erm... actually Julie... err... it is not chicken. It's pork, sorry!