Sunday, 5 April 2009

Idiot box

I watched two movies this weekend. And oh, I was also tracking the Port Macquarie Ironman results live on Chrissie Wellington is simply AMAZING!


I have always been a fan of 3D animation and this was one movie that I just couldn't miss! So, just days after its release - myself, Li-Ann and her brother went to Ace Cinemas in Subiaco to catch it.

To our surprise, the cinema was full with kids - not older than 8 years old! It was a bit annoying at first, as they were making lots of noise, but that died down as the movie played along. In fact, they were quite cute at cheering the heroes (or monsters, whichever).

Fun movie, pretty funny. Quite nonsensical in some scenes. The cockroach looks just like Hugh Laurie and there were some resemblance between the 50 foot woman and Reese Witherspoon. My favourite character is BOB, hahhah.


This, I watched on a downloaded DVD. And luckily I did, because I'm pretty sure almost half of it would have been censored if I watched it in Malaysian cinemas. It was obscenely funny! A bit too much of flashing by the lead male actor though.

I was a big follower of Kirsten Bell in the Veronica Mars TV series, where she played this teenage detective, solving mini cases that were somehow linked to the big mystery of the death of her best friend. Too bad the ratings weren't that good, and the network canned the show after about 5 episodes. Somehow, seeing her playing a clueless, selfish blond in this movie was a bit... awkward.

The remaining cast were your lovable jokers from 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad and Knocked Up. Big screen newcomer Mila Kunis was hot though, hehheh.


Li-Ann said...

Oooo no wonder u kept mentioning her lah. :P

kev said...

Which 'her'? I mentioned so many 'her' in this blog post, hahhah. Darling, don't jealous, you're my best 'her'.