Monday, 30 March 2009

Back into it

5 weeks from Busso Half IM...



Did the usual one day 3km plus swim and one day 10km run, except for Friday where decided to take a day's off running and do some gym strength work instead. I noticed that I have yet to gain back the weight I've lost at Langkawi Ironman and I was a little bit concerned about muscle wastage. Also, partly for the man in the mirror to look good lah!


Completed 81.67km ride 2:53.54 (average 28.2kph) in moderately windy conditions. Suffered a flat tyre somewhere around 45km, which caused me to fall as I was making a turning. Poor Ah Rui had scratches around her Dura Ace rear derailleur. It's pretty ironic that since I've learnt how to change tyres for the Langkawi Ironman (I never knew how to do it before then!), I have been getting a lot more flat tyres. Hmm... maybe I'm not changing them properly.

The 6km run was done 26.47 (average 4.27 per km), not my best but still happy to keep it under 27 minutes.


Daylight savings ended today and was glad that I can now run before 7am and see some sunlight! First 10km was done under 45 minutes, was aiming to complete the 2nd 10km under 46 minutes to keep the full 20km under 1 hour 31 minutes.

I struggled a bit against the strong headwinds and I modestly reduce my target to finish the 2nd half in 47 minutes. But somehow the momentum picked up in the last 3km and I cruised home in 45.51 for the second 10km and completed the 20km distance in 1:30.44 (average 4.33 per km).

...I think I can now confidently book my accomodation at Busselton.


yipwt said...

Try to check your inner tyre surface. There might be something lodge up there. Can be very minute..but yet it'll puncture the tiub.

But if your tyres are worn off, it will be more susceptible to getting things stuck into it, hence puncture.

Good luck in yr busselton :)

kev said...

Ya, I got another puncture again! I think the front tyre is pretty worn off. I'm wearing them off now and would put on new ones for the race.