Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Greatest teacher in my life

In just a month's time, it would be teacher's day. But today, I would like to give a special mention to the greatest teacher in my life. No, I'm not being a teacher's pet. She is none other than... MY MUM!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUM! Which other teacher can be heard when she's teaching in another block? Don't play play, hehheh. Looks like I don't inherit her loud voice, but as for my sister... hmmm...

And yes, I did go to the same school my mum taught in, but it was an experience I would never exchange for anything else in the world! Other teachers are mum's friends, so each time we return to school to meet up, they really fuss about how we are, what we are doing now, when getting married etc. hehheh.

My mum, on a rare occassion, taking part in a road race. She jogs regularly though.

With her love of her life

With her fun loving siblings

Enjoy your special day, mum!


galnexdor said...

oh where did u get the final picture?

kev said...

Ah Choon kor kor sent it to our email group. I just checked, it was in November.

seah said...

great couple

kev said...

Hey Seah, are you the same Seah from Buckeye?