Sunday, 25 March 2007

Half past six

Corporate Teams triathlon at Bather's Beach, Fremantle. 230m swim, 10km bike, 2.5km run.

Would have liked to do the whole distance but due to problems in sorting out the logistics, I was allocated to do the swim and bike only. Ya I had fake hopes for a moment when my original runner wasn't able to make it... team coordinator actually said I could do the whole thing myself but she checked with the event organizer and was told that I would be disqualified. So got myself another runner.

One funny thing happened the day before. My bike tyre decided to burst... I panicked as for the bike shops here, you have to booked few days in advance to even change a tube. The shop was pretty busy, I told the guy that I had a race the next day, he said he'll do his best, but no promises.
So I left my bike there... went to the office to do my CA assignment. Called up the shop about 4pm, found out my bike was ready and rushed back as it closes at 4.30pm.

Anyway, Li-Ann came with me, opened her eyes to my world of triathlon... hahhah. We left at 5.45 am as bikes need to be checked in by 6.15 am. Daylight savings end today, so I actually had an additional hour of sleep.

My wave starts at only 7.35 am. Met a few colleagues, exchanged some greetings... did my own stretches, ate my Powerbar (it's really yummy, this Triple Threat, thanks sis!)

The earlier waves started at 7 am. They were the ones doing the full distance. I got confused when the emcee started mentioning about cyclists have to be ready for their swimmers... I panicked! Thought my wave started without me! So I quickly put on my tri-suit, Li-Ann was helping me get ready... the poor thing, she must have been so lost. My goggles case got ripped in the haste... hurriedly bid Li-Ann farewell...

When I rushed there, found out that my wave haven't started yet. Should have trusted my instincts and know that the organizers won't change their wave starts without informing the participants properly.

Anyway, Li-Ann was there this time for the REAL start. The water was cold, but having the tri suit on did help. As usual the swim was congested at the beginning... but I managed to come in among the first few ones... was behing some navy people... oh well...

Into transition, cyclists were waiting for the swimmers... while yours truly had to put on his shoes and helmet. The transitions for this race are quite long which is quite annoying. The run between the swim and the bike is about 400m and the distance between the bike transition and mounting could be a good 200m.

The bike ride was equally annoying... as it is a team event, those doing the full distance are x3 the number of people! So overtaking was quite difficult... I stayed on the right side of the road most of the times... until either I could hear elite cyclists coming from the back, then I had to move left.

Clocked 20:14 for 10.18 kms, average 30.1 kph. Not as fast as I hoped it to be... but was an improvement compared to last year when I always miss the 30 kph mark.

Anyway, I kind of felt I raced half heartedly for this race. Would look forward to this coming Sunday's Point Walter OD! If my legs don't fail me... lately my knees have been acting up... I hope my old injury didn't come back to haunt me... Li-Ann got me a bottle of glucosamine, being the worrysome and caring girlfriend she is... Love you!

Triathlon aside... it was quite a pak-tor day after that. Li-Ann and I went to have breakfast in Cottesloe. I had chocolate milkshake and she had her chai latte. We shared a salmon bagel with avocado. Then, we adjourned to the Cottesloe beach for some sun tanning.

After that, I ACTUALLY WENT SHOPPING! We went to Harbour Town, which is a shopping complex but all factory outlet stores. Got myself a Fossil wallet for AUD28 and Roger David suit and pants for AUD130. It's pretty hard finding clothes that fit for Asian size here. But I get lots of compliments saying I'm very slim hahhah.

Well, all that done... as if like I'm on holiday. I still have my CA assignment due tonight... but pretty much completed. Now left some word count editting to do.

*Edit* I have just completed my assignment. Supposed to submit it online... but the CA website always having problems. Just sent it through e-mail. And tried submitting online too. The website works now but just that it is after the deadline and showed a 'fail' status. Hope they received the one via e-mail before deadline.

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