Friday, 16 March 2007

Happy birthday, darling...

It was Li-Ann's 22nd yesterday. I left work a bit early and bought a Mocha torte cake from Miss Maud's. She was having ISS (International Student Service) meeting at uni. When I brought the cake there, little that I know that the ISS committee members also had another cake organised. So we had TWO birthday cakes... Hahhah, proud to say mine was more popular.

For dinner, we ate at Reflections in South Perth. It had half price on selected steaks from Monday to Thursday. For entree, we had stuffed mushrooms with parmesan cheese. For mains, I ordered the fillet mignon which was outside the half price selection. Li-Ann wanted to have the lamb shank but they don't have that anymore. So, she had the potterhouse which was on half price.

We were actually waiting impatiently for the meal. Maybe for such restaurants, it is common take a bit of time so that patrons can enjoy the ambience, but we had to attend friends' after-convocation ceremony after that. So we kind of hurried the chef a bit.

Turns out... Li-Ann's half priced steak has a bigger portion than mine! But she assured me that mine was a better part of the meat... Oh well, meat is still meat to me!

Pictures to follow... now I only use my phone camera which is clearer than my digital camera but too bad has less memory. Would post them up once I get the pictures from other friends' cameras.


galnexdor said...

happy belated Li-Ann!!

Li-Ann said...

hey karen!! thank you!!!