Monday, 28 July 2014

Week 17 of 26

So the number of weeks left to Ironman Malaysia has now gone into the single digits.

I started the week with a swim session on Monday. Legs felt a bit tired but it was refreshing to be in the pool. Main sets were 2 x 400m swim, 2 x 500m pull buoy, 2 x 600m swim. Tuesday morning I did a weights and core session in the gym, it has been 4 weeks since I've gone to the gym and I was pretty sore after. In the evening, I did the usual 90km ride to Lakeside and back. It was hot and windy but still managed over 30kph average.

Wednesday was Splash N Dash in Lake Whittaker. I did a two loop warm up swim, had the leaky goggle issue again but wasn't too bad this time. I got dropped off the draft pack in the swim and came out about a minute behind. I worked really hard in the run but just couldn't reel in those in front. I got a PB though - 45:54 overall finish time, 25:19 for the 1.6km swim and 20:35 for the 5km run.

Thursday morning I slept in instead of doing the morning swim, which meant I gave up my full rest day on Friday. I ran in the afternoon in Springbank for 90 minutes, nice day and bumped into Mike running from the opposite direction. I had interval sets of 7 x 7 minutes fast/3 minutes easy so that made the run go by quicker.

I finally did my second swim pool set on Friday evening. Main sets were 5 x 200m swim, 5 x 200m pull buoy, 5 x 200m pull buoy/paddles. The lanes were a bit busy and I had to slow down on the some of the sets because of the traffic.

On Saturday I did my long ride of 165km. The weather forecast kept on changing and initially I was about to swap my ride to Sunday because of rain, so I wasn't prepared to ride that morning. Left the house 30 minutes later than usual as I needed to get the bike ready. Weather was mainly overcast and there was a brief period of drizzle but nothing too heavy. Legs felt much better than last week and I averaged just under 30kph for the ride. The 30 minute brick run wasn't too bad either, 6.6km in 4:31 per km pace.

Sunday's weather was hot and humid, and thunderstorms were forecasted later in the evening. I started my 2 hour at 4.30pm. I went pretty hard at first, probably too hard. Averaged under 4:30 per km for the first 75 minutes but had to slow down to about 4:45 per km after. Total distance covered was 26.2km with overall average pace of 4:34 per km.

So, somewhat lighter week this week with only one mid week ride and reduced duration for the long run. Next week will be a heavy one with the training camp in Niagara for the Civic Holiday long weekend.

Week 17 of 26 statistics:

Swim 10.4km (2 hours 56 minutes)
Bike 255.9km (8 hours 31 minutes)
Run 58.2km (4 hours 21 minutes)
Gym (0 hours 55 minutes)

Total 324.6km (16 hours 43 minutes)

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