Monday, 29 April 2013

Structured training

So this week was my first week of structured training, under the guidance of tri guru Sheri Fraser. Just at the right time too, as it seems to be getting warmer. I know, I keep on saying that but the temperature always seem to drop down every now and then - very temperamental!

It's still a challenge finding a bike route that has low vehicle traffic during the weekdays. At the moment, I'm still riding on the indoor trainer during the week, but I was able to ride outside on Saturday. 100km ride in 3 hours 15 minutes, an average of 31kph. It was sunny and 22 degrees in the afternoon at it's warmest! Such a rare occasion, we did not need our jackets when we went out for dinner that evening.

I capped off the 14+ hour training week with a 16.7km run this morning, then headed off to Victoria Park in downtown where the Forest City Road Race was held. The London Triathlon Club had a tent there and I put myself down as a volunteer. Thought it will be a good opportunity to get the know the people who I would be training with - which reminds me, I better send in my membership forms soon! One of our girls won the women's 10km run in a blistering time of 39:35!

Looking forward to training with this group of people!

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