Wednesday, 17 April 2013

For Boston

As most of us now have heard, this year's Boston marathon was marred by a tragedy. A cowardly act of bombing near the finish line, causing 3 deaths including one of an innocent young child, and many others severely injured - many even losing their limbs. What was meant to be an iconic and special event turned into a horrific nightmare that would plague the sporting community and many of us for years to come. It is probably the worst act of terrorism at a major sporting event since 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and those affected by the bombings. I pray for their speedy recovery and strength to get through this difficult time. Frustration and anger would be understatements of how many will feel towards the perpetrator of the demonic act. But we, being united in sharing the same passion in this sport, are stronger than this. We shall make a stand. We would not be put off by this. We would keep on running.

I did my run yesterday. Sure I did not have anything fancy like a runner's bib to commemorate those who suffered in Boston. In fact, I was dispelling mucus from my ever runny nose all over my worn out fleece top and gloves. And I got lost halfway through the route, so I improvised and did 4 laps of an alternative  route, which is just under 3km each lap around the Western University compound.

But I ran anyway. Did you?

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