Monday, 7 January 2013

Something new...

So we're already a week into the new year. I truly enjoyed my week off at home, catching up with family and friends. Even raced a 25km run, which I clocked just a minute slower than the year before. I've been back in Perth for a few days now. Slowly getting back into the routine. Trying to start myself on a consistent training regime again, mainly to shed the extra kgs I gained over the festive season and also to bring back my fitness to where it was. But I'm in no hurry. Just enjoying the flexibility of unstructured training... for now.

I did a simulated sprint triathlon as part of my friend Sam's sports science study. 750m swim in the pool at a controlled pace of 82.5% effort, which is 1:54 per 100m. It was rather difficult actually to slow myself down that much and I could feel myself almost sinking in the pool. The 20km ride was done on the wind trainer. It was a bit of a mental test riding at hight intensity with no other competitors to chase. On to the 5km run, thank God it was around the UWA campus, and not on the treadmill. I averaged 4:25 per km and finished in just over 70 minutes for the lot. Pretty happy with the effort. I have 2 more trials to do in the next 2 weeks.

On Sunday, I did a 100km ride down the Freeway South bike path. I thought the many mind numbing long rides down the path before Ironman WA will put me off riding that route for a while, but it's the most convenient way to put in 100kms without having to stop too much for traffic. I struggled on the way back into the headwinds, the return journey took me an extra 15 minutes. Obviously still not quite there yet in terms of my endurance, both physically and mentally.

I have quite a bit of packing to do, to vacate the place to be rented out. I've listed both our cars for sale. Not much time left, hopefully there would be some interest, otherwise I'll have to bring them to the used car dealers and I probably won't be able to get much there.

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