Thursday, 24 January 2013

Transport challenged

It started off with a bit of drama over the weekend when I locked myself out of my car. I closed the boot with my car keys left inside. Paid a costly $150 for the locksmith to open it, took him less than 2 minutes! And I didn't have my phone with me, luckily Sam was there as I just finished the final session of his study.

I have sold both my cars now. The second sale I was paid in cash and had to frantically find an ATM which allowed me to bank it in. It was a feeling of uneasiness and paranoia when I had someone else within the same room, waiting for their turn to use the machine. The sale took place in Leederville and I wasn't able to deposit the full amount. I was meeting the boys for dinner in Northbridge after, walking there with the remaining cash was nerve wrecking, luckily I was able to deposit the it when I got there!

On my first day without a car, I ran to work. Well, most of the distance anyway. Running with a bagpack was harder than I thought. The bouncing motion was uncomfortable and the straps were giving me a bit of chaffing. I had to take some walk breaks in between, every now and then. The whole distance was 13.7km running through the shared paths, just a couple of kms further than it would have been if I drove straight down the freeway. It took me nearly 90 minutes including the walk breaks. In the afternoon, I was able to use the pool car from work to go home. I'll probably do this a couple of times next week and run every other day too. It's not a bad idea, I only need to get up at 6am instead of 5am, and I'm at my desk at 8am, rather than 9am, and I get to put in a workout session too.

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