Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mega week 1 - the drama week

So I've gone into my final block of training for Ironman Cairns - 3 mega weeks and 2 weeks of taper. The first mega week was not without drama, and ended with a bit of disappointment.

Monday morning had me riding for 2 hours. The roads were still slippery from the rain the day before. As I was riding along the paths near Tompkins Park, a pedestrian crossed right in front of me. I avoided her but skidded soon after and came off my bike. Nothing too serious, had some small cuts on the side of my leg and hip. My bike had it worse with scratches on the sides of the basebar and left pedal, and my left shoe was pretty gashed too. Still, I was able to continue riding so that's a plus.

Tuesday morning was the BYL group run session. Somehow the opposite leg of mine that wasn't scratched was feeling a bit sore - probably from the bruising of hitting the bike frame. Felt okay after warming up. Didn't have any problems with the swim session that evening either.

Wednesday, I had another 2 hour ride in the morning and a 45 minute run in the evening. The sore legs felt a lot better, so I was riding and running more like myself. Thursday, I rested as I had an early morning meeting.

Friday morning I had 2 hour 10 minutes of running. Of which, most of it was done under the pouring rain. I got so wet that after a while, I couldn't be bothered avoiding puddles anymore. I covered 28.4km, averaging 4:35. In the afternoon I had a swim session, which I found out that I didn't have my bathers with me as I got to the pool. Luckily I had my running gear with me, so I did 3 x 1000m in my running shorts - great resistance training I tell you!

Saturday, whilst most Perth triathletes were down in Busselton for the 70.3, I had most of the Freeway south paths to myself. I had 5 hours ride in my plan and after an hour of riding, the skies opened again. And it rained for nearly 45 minutes non stop. Those down in Busselton must have had it going tough. I felt a bit cold so I stopped to have my sandwich, but once I got back onto the saddle I've probably lost all my body heat and was shivering so badly that I could barely continue.

I got Li-Ann to pick me up, I was at Paganoni Road so it took her a while to get me. When we got back home, I felt like I had a fever. Slept lots, had some Panadol, Li-Ann took great care of me by sponging all over my body. Woke up Sunday morning feeling much better but decided to take one more day of rest. Should be able to get back into it tomorrow.

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