Sunday, 29 April 2012


...the day I chose to ride to in the hills, followed by an afternoon swim session.

...the day I updated my Facebook status about how well my ride went, whilst my Facebook homepage were flooded by updates of something else.

...the day that was pinned in my Facebook of an event that I replied maybe to attending, but didn't in the end.

...the day when all these happened, in a place I call home.

Photos taken from Kevin Loh's Facebook page

Bersih 3.0 rally, where people back home rallied for a clean election and a clean government (Bersih means clean in Malay). There was a gathering in Perth as well on the same day at the Malaysian embassy, but like I said I chose to go swimming instead.

To be honest, despite being very Malaysian at heart, I think I'm somewhat sheltered to happenings at home. But I am indeed proud of my fellow Malaysians for standing up for what they feel so strongly about. No, I won't put up any pictures or videos of people getting hurt during the protest, or any clips of some riots which got out of hand and somehow turned violent.

That's not the purpose of the rally. Sure things got out of hand, and without any in-depth knowledge I won't take sides or point fingers at anyone to take the blame. The rally united Malaysians from different races and different backgrounds, and I'm pretty sure the government got the message. Whether or not it translates to any changes, no one knows for sure. But the message was sent.

The world is not an evil place because of those who do evil, but rather because of those who sit back and let it happen - Albert Einstein

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