Monday, 14 May 2012

Mega week 2 - the week of redemption

In the previous weekend, I had to cut short a long ride and missed out a whole session the next day as I came down with a fever. So I started the week with somewhat mixed feelings - anxious of the missing mileage but at the same time I was worried if I was well enough to start training again.

Monday, I had a 2 hour aerobic ride, the weather still wasn't very kind. It rained heavily for for about 15-30 minutes during my ride, I was soaked and was a bit worried that I would fall sick again. Luckily I didn't and there were no incidents either, as the risks of accidents are higher when the weather is wet and wild.

Tuesday morning was the group interval running session with BYL. A smaller turnout as most were recovering from Busso 70.3. We did 8 x 950m, Ray was very nice to pace with me throughout, making sure that I kept to a steady pace - pulling me back whenever I got caught up in the chase with the guys in front. In the afternoon, I swam with a main set of 30 x 100m.

Wednesday, I had another 2 hour ride in the morning with some efforts thrown in. Went down Freeway south and back. There are still a couple of tri bikes on the paths, maybe they're training for Cairns too... or they're just very motivated to get back into it after Busso. In the afternoon, I ran for 45 minutes around my neighbourhood after work. The daylight sure is getting shorter now.

Thursday, I did a session of resistance training - push ups, crunches, squads and lunges - about 45 minutes. Friday was the big one where I had 2 hours 15 minutes of running. It was a beautiful morning as the clouds were gone and the sky was blue. I felt good and was able to hold an average of 4:30 per km pace. In the afternoon, I had long session of swim to recover - 3 x 1000m.

I had a shorter ride for Saturday instead, 3 hours, which was timely as I had an early swim session later. Started in North Perth as I joined Li-Ann for coffee at Fiorentina. The start of the ride was slow with all the traffic lights but once I got to the Freeway South path it was all clear. After the ride, I had a swim analysis session with Paul Newsome, which normally costs $165 per session but he did it for free! It was really interesting as I had no idea my strokes were so bad! Definitely something I can work on. I stayed on for the squad session after.

Sunday, I had a long ride of 5.5 hours with rolling hills. I did my usual route - Darlington, John Forrest, Mundaring Weir. Took me about 6 minutes slower than I did two weeks ago. As I got back to the city, I didn't have much left in my legs but I still went to King's Park to make up the remaining hours. But I rolled around for most of it. As I was leaving King's Park, a senior aged Chinese lady called out to me, asking for directions. My Mandarin is not that great so I wasn't much help.

I finished my ride at the Narrows Bridge, where I parked my car - a slow average of 26.2kph. I started my 30 minute run along Mounts Bay road, and I bumped into the Chinese lady again. This time I stopped to listen and actually she wanted to get to South Perth foreshore. I told her she could walk further and cross the Narrows Bridge. So I continued my run, finishing it with a 4:30 per km average. The lady was still around, waiting by a bus stop but she seemed alright, so I didn't stop.

I'm pretty after this week but glad I survived it. A total of 9.8km swim, 356.2km bike, 54.7km run - just under 21 hours of training. One more big week to go.

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