Sunday, 20 May 2012

Mega week 3 - The final hitout

My final big training week before I start to taper. And I couldn't have asked for a better way to finish this last block of training. I felt strong for most of the sessions, and this helped me keep my confidence up in a big way, just two weeks before the big race.

Monday I did a 90 minute aerobic ride. Started at the Narrows Bridge and did the Shelley loop with a bit of Applecross on Duncraig Road. I had nothing else on that day. Tuesday morning was the BYL group run. A new place this time. We went to Railway Street, near City West train station. The set was 9 x 720m. My pacing was not that consistent but I did my best to keep them as close to 4 minute per km pace. In the evening, I had a long swim set of 34 x 100m.

Wednesday morning I had a 2 hour ride. Went up and down Freeway South path. It was a cold one that morning. My cycle computer showed 7 degrees at one point, and it was so foggy that I had look above my glasses to see where I was going. My hands were frost bitten by the end of the ride. And the warm shower at my office was indeed welcoming! In the afternoon, I did a 45 minute run from East Perth train station to the Causeway via Burswood. It has been quite a few weeks since I last did this route.

I rested Thursday as I had an early morning meeting. Friday morning I had 2.5 hours long run - my longest ever this year! I was feeling strong and very pleased with the result. I did a total distance of 33.2km, averaging 4:31 per km with negative splits each 10km! In the evening, I did 3 x 1000m swim to recover before heading out to join the boys for Korean BBQ buffet dinner to celebrate Sam's birthday.

Saturday was the long 5 hour ride. Up and down the Freeway South paths again. There was a moderate north easterly wind but there wasn't much of a tailwind or headwind in either direction of the ride. Just constant sidewind, which was a challenge by itself. Still, I rode over 153kms - 3 kms more than I initially planned in that time frame.

Sunday, I had another ride - a shorter one of 2.5 hours. I decided to go to the Left Bank, East Fremantle via Point Walter. Also another route which I have done for quite a while. I had to ride to Shelley again as well as along Mounts Bay road past the Swan Brewery to make up the time. After the ride I had 30 minutes brick run. I felt comfortable but I didn't know I was averaging 4:20 per km, which was a lot quicker than planned.

7.2km swim, 335.5km ride, 60.4km run - about 18 hours of training. That wraps up my final week and I'm ready to taper! These past few months of training were sure a lot more intensive than what I did for Ironman WA last year. But I do feel a lot stronger and hopefully, this will translate to a positive result come race day.

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