Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mama's boy

Tomorrow is my mum's birthday. Some of you might know that mum taught in the same secondary school that I went to. Some people may think of it unfavourably, but I pretty much welcomed the experience. Travelling to and from school was convenient as we went together. And because the teachers who taught me were also mum's friends, somehow I felt closer to them, always dropping by school to visit when I pick mum up while I'm back home on holidays.

I've always said, unashamedly, that among the three of us kids, I'm mum's favourite... haha. Simply because I'm least likely to get into trouble. Although lately, my sis has been having quite a lot of female bonding with mum given she's a young lady herself now, taking her shopping and all. But I think reality is, our little brother Keith is the one getting the most attention, he's just keeping it quiet to himself!

Seriously though, I'm sure mum loved us all equally, and very much. Thank you mum for bringing me to this world and bringing me up to be the person I am today. Happy birthday, mum! Enjoy yourself... and more importantly, it is one more year closer to retirement! *wink*

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