Sunday, 10 April 2011

Windy weekend

The warm weather took a sudden turn on Thursday, with a few showers in the morning and the maximum temperature dropped to the high 20s for a couple of days. Along with the cooler weather, came the strong winds. And it stayed on throughout the weekend.

Saturday's winds were blowing at about 30kph. I anticipated a slower ride. There were some stretches where I could barely pedal above 25kph. But there was tailwind at the end of my ride and I managed to complete the 80km distance just below 29kph.

Sunday, it seemed like the wind got fiercer. I could hear it blowing from my bathroom as I got ready for my run. Yes, it was my first run in 3 weeks, haven't ran since Singapore Ironman 70.3, which by the way entries for next year's race have already opened for those interested.

The initial plan was just to do an easy 13km run, to test the legs after the short hiatus. I did the first 4.35km loop in 18:40. But my competitive side soon got the better of me and not only was I trying to negative split each loop but I was also aiming for a reasonably fast finish time. It got a bit difficult later on as gusts were blowing at nearly 40kph.

In the end, I managed to do what I set out for. Finishing the second and third loop in 18:32 and 18:20 respectively, completing the 13km distance in 55:32, averaging 4:17 per km. And I was glad my legs felt okay after that, not that sore.

Later in the morning, I had a blood donation appointment. It was for plasma donation and the place was pretty busy. I waited nearly 40 minutes before it was my turn. Unfortunately the procedure was cut short as my arm was beginning to bruise. I donated only 1/3 of the 600g of plasma required. As the procedure wasn't complete, I wasn't able to get back any of the 500ml of blood cells that was pumped out.

Feeling a bit lighted headed at the moment. It's a good thing tomorrow is an easy training day!


galnexdor said...

just take out plasma? so funny wan. still bruised?

K3vski said...

Yeah it was specifically for a plasma donation. And I was advised to hydrate myself well. It comes out as a clear, slight yellowish colour, a bit like urine! Haha.

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...


K3vski said...

Tomatoman? Haha.