Sunday, 30 January 2011

A week to myself

My darling fiance left this morning for Malaysia for Chinese New Year. She'll be back next Monday.

It was a good thing that I did my ride on Australia Day public holiday on Wednesday. This gives us more time to spend with each other before she flew. I did an 8.7km run on Saturday morning, went alright for the first loop but somehow still couldn't hold the pace. Dropped the pace a bit at the start of the second loop but was able to increase the speed towards the finishing. Clocked 38:16 averaging 4:24 per km. Still far off my best, but slowly getting there.

We then had brunch with our friends, Jon and Angie at their new home in Burswood. It was nice seeing their lovely house and meeting up with others, May and Jason. In the evening, we watched a movie, The Fighter. It was pretty good and I had goosebumps each time they boxed. Christian Bale gave a stellar performance as the crack addicted coach/brother.

For dinner, we visited Little Caesars again, it was still early 6pm, hence it wasn't too crowded. We decided to try something new this time - greek lamb. Not as rich as white rock's roast and very easy on the palate.

After sending Li-Ann off to the airport early this morning, I took a nap before spinning 30 minutes on the wind trainer. The initial plan was to do another bike ride but with the weather warnings of Cyclone Bianca, I stayed indoors. Eventually the cyclone didn't come through Perth at all, but it was still pretty windy outside.

I maintained an average of 100rpm with sprints of above 110rpm for the last minute. Then I did a 4.35km run and managed to run at 4:10 per km pace. I'm glad that I can start running with reasonable speed, the key now is to maintain it for longer distances.


sofiantriathlete said...

have you made custom insoles for your flat feet.
They saved my running

K3vski said...

Hi Sofian, yes I do. Two pairs, in fact. The 2nd pair has modified higher arch. But I think after using them too long makes the feet weak a bit. So I alternate. I use low profile racers without orthotics for my shorter brick runs.

sofiantriathlete said...

heck Kevin,
speak in English please

K3vski said...

Haha that is Engliah!