Thursday, 27 January 2011

Aussie Brick

It was Australia Day yesterday. I took opportunity of the public holiday to do a brick session, seeing that it might rain this weekend. I've been slightly down with a bout of phlegmy throat and cough since last weekend. Did an 80km ride with an average of 29.0kph, the slower pace might be caused me feeling a bit weak from the sickness. The weather was pretty mild, with some moderate winds in some areas.

There was still quite a lot of traffic on the road, people flocking to the foreshore for barbecues and picnics. The Australia Day triathlon was on too, causing a bit of congestion as I rode through Point Walter. The race was finished as I got there but participants were starting to leave. Good to know that Scott Thomson from BreakYourLimits won the race.

After the ride, I was hesitant as to whether to stick to my plan of doing a brick run. Eventually I got myself to a jog about 3kms out along Hackett Drive and Mounts Bay Road. I stopped at the turnaround and started walking for about a minute before jogging back until the last 700 metres where I stopped to walk again. Altogether I probably jogged about 5kms in just over 25 minutes. I didn't turn on my stopwatch, which means I wasn't in the mood. My pace was pretty inconsistent but I guess it's not a bad start.

That evening, we watched the fireworks at the riverside in the city. We parked at Royal Street in East Perth and took a walk down. It was one of the colder nights of all the Australia Days I've had over here. Despite being repetitive and after seeing it nearly every year, it was still a nice 30 minute sight.

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