Monday, 16 August 2010

Time off

It has been a pretty average week, training wise... well, for the run anyway.

Wednesday morning, my first run since last weekend's half marathon was slower than usual. I did 13km in 55:37 (average 4:17 per km), I guessed my running legs were still recovering and hence, didn't worry too much.

Saturday's bike ride was pretty good, I averaged 30.4kph for the 82km ride. I think the last time I did that pace for my training ride was during Easter.

Sunday morning, 21.7km run was on the menu and I wanted to redeem myself. Started the first two loops pretty well, but some side stitches got to me and I slowed down at the third. And towards the end of the fourth loop, my left toes were starting to hurt so I called off before the fifth loop. I completed 17.4km in 1:14:37 (average 4:17 per km).

And my toes continued hurting for the rest of the day even as I walked. Not sure how this happened, but it felt like my toes were clenched and hitting the front of the shoe towards the last few kms of my run.

A bit frustrating, yes. Especially since I blitzed a massive PB at the half marathon last week and did a solid run leg at Port Dickson Triathlon two weeks before. Compared to what I've done before, volume wise, I should be able to recover from these races easily.

But having given it more thought, I did put in a lot into these races, both physically and mentally. I guess, it's wise to let myself unwind a bit and steadily build my way to prepare for Ironman WA in less than 4 months time.

Wouldn't want to risk an injury, would I?

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