Friday, 20 August 2010

This part sucks

It turns out that it weren't my toes that were hurting from last week's run and the pain was actually from my outer foot. And it hurts each time I bend my foot, to the extent that I have to limp sometimes when I walk.

Hence, I have not been running for a week, or even spinning for that matter. I've done a lot of strength exercises though. But the pain didn't seem to go away. So I thought it was high time I seek professional advice.

I took the day off with the intention of resting and fixing an appointment. I rang up my podiatrist, only to find out that he doesn't work there anymore. I sent him a text to find out where's his new place. And he replied with a voice message, saying he's taking a break from podiatry at the moment.

Hmm... bummer. So, I called up a few local podiatrists and physiotherapists, but all were booked out. Ancillary health services is a lucrative business here, I tell you!

Finally managed to get an appointment with On The Go Physio. I've seen John, one of their therapists a few times at UWA before. Decided to give Gerard a try, at Shenton Park since he's an experienced triathlete himself.

Gerard reckons I have peroneal tendonitis. Not a stress fracture, much to my relief. He gave me some peds to stick to my orthotics to minimize my rolling outwards, which happens to be the cause of all my injuries. Yes, my flat feet - the bane of my triathlete life!

No running for another week, but I'm allowed to cycle tomorrow. Which is also election day. While the rest of Australia choose their ruling government and Prime Minister, since I'm not eligible to vote, let's see how empty the cycling paths will be tomorrow.


galnexdor said...

haha ive had pain on my peroneus longus muscle too! i think its coz of my bowlegs, causing external tibial rotation.

injury is inevitable la. esp when u train so hard. u know what u can do...when you're training dont have to push so hard la. dont always try to do PB. can u not time yourself when you're training?

K3vski said...

Hahha that one cannot. But yeah, it's back to basics now. Timing is not so important in Ironman. It's survival!

yipwt said...

hope you do fine...just take some time off...

K3vski said...

Getting much better, Yip, thanks. Yup, there's still time to get ready for IMWA. Better not to rush it.