Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Last weekend, this weekend

For the weekend just past, darling and I tried out the much talked about burger place, Grill'D in Mount Lawley. It was actually Li-Ann's suggestion, much to my surprise as she isn't really a burger fan.

The verdict? Very satisfied! The burgers taste great, the place was vibrant but not as crowded as Jus Burgers and a lot cheaper compared to Fab Burgers. Yes, you can see I've done my burger research, hahhah.

This coming weekend, Li-Ann would be doing her first half marathon, organized by WA Marathon Club. The initial plan was for me to accompany her, but once again, my competitive side got the better of me.

I thought I might as well use this as a training run for my build up to Ironman WA. But after gunning down two good training runs this week - 21.6km on Sunday in 1:31:09 (average 4:13 per km) and a new PB for this morning's 13km run in 53:43 (average 4:08 per km), I thought of having a crack of going sub 89 minutes for this Sunday's half marathon. My previous best more than two years ago, is just over 92 minutes.

We have a new route this year, because part of the traditional route is under renovation. Let's see how interesting this Sunday can get.


ian yusof said...

li-ann, good luck .... I'm sure you can beat kevin's time .... go girl!

K3vski said...

You're quick Ian, I just posted this!

Ya, everyone's asking me to pace with her. But my leg itchy lah, want to do PB :P

I'm lucky she's very supportive and understanding :)

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Hahaha! I know how itchy legs are like!

Hey, you are a burger man as well? I must say burgers are the best la!

K3vski said...

Hahhah although none of the burgers here can compete with our roadside Ramly burger!

Enrico Varella said...

Congrats on your training PBs as well as this weekend's Half, Kevin.

How do you train for your speed in the run? Do you do one long run each week and the rest intervals? I am attempting to bring my race pace below 5min/km for the full marathon, and sub-1:40 for the 21km.


K3vski said...

Hi Enrico, thanks for visiting my blog and for your wishes. Actually the half is tomorrow.

For my training, I'm not very creative actually. I do the same route all the time, and usually run twice a week. But I have been running my 13km route (3 x 4.35km) pretty hard for the PD triathlon just passed. So I guess that must have improved my speed. The 21.7km training run is the same route but 5 loops. Was quite surprise myself that I could hold the same speed for the longer distance.

Hope this helps! I've read your blog too. Impressive stuff, maybe we'll meet in the future in a race :)