Monday, 30 August 2010

120 + 80

My foot injury is slowly healing. However, I am still under strict orders by my physiotherapist to refrain from running for another week. My intial plan was to accompany Li-Ann for her 12km run at City to Surf on Sunday. She filled in for her supervisor at the last minute.

But I'm allowed to cycle. To quote my physio, I can ride all the way to Albany (6+ hours drive from Perth), but NO RUNNING.

So on Saturday, I thought it's time to up my cycling mileage. No, I wasn't cycling to Albany. But I did an extra loop of Mt Henry bridge to East Fremantle, instead of doing my usual 82km ride and clocked a total of 120.8km. I finished the ride in 4:00:46 (average 30.1kph) my first training ride above 30kph for this distance. Legs felt pretty strong throughout, although there were some tired moments, I was able to bounce back quickly after dropping my pace a bit.

The next day, after I dropped Li-Ann off for her run, I did another 80km ride. The cycling path from the city was pretty crowded with runners for the event, hence I was already off pace when I started my ride. But things didn't get any better. My legs were still sore from the day before and I was beginning to feel hungry.

By about 65km, I felt really weak. My arms were cold and I started to shiver. I stopped a while to check on the SMSes. Li-Ann finished her 12km run 1:13, one minute slower than last year. She had stitches and it was hotter this year, starting at a later time of 9.30am. Sofian did really well for the marathon distance, with a time of 4:18.

After the short rest, I regained a bit of strength and continued my ride. But that did not last. At about 75km, I stopped again. Took that opportunity to call Li-Ann to make her pick-up arrangements. After that, the remaining 5km was a stroll back to the city. I averaged 28.4kph for the ride.

That night, we played host to Lee Puh Heng and his wife, Yap who were here in Perth for holiday. Lee is pretty amazed at the extensive cycling paths we have here. I think he's tempted to bring his bike if he comes the next time hahhah.


reitak said...

Get Well Soon!

from one person who's also asked to refrain from running to another! :)

K3vski said...

Thanks Reita. Not much pain now. Hope to get green light to run at the next appointment.

Don't worry, you should be able to start soon.