Sunday, 11 July 2010

Kevin dislikes rain

Yes, it has been raining heaps since Thursday night. Intermittent heavy showers with a slight occurrence of hail on Friday. I heard it is pretty wet back home in Malaysia as well.

I don't mind the cold weather in winter. It's the rain that really bugs me. It affects my training and my laundry. The rain in Perth tends to pour heavily for 5 to 10 minutes and have some breaks in between.

Anyway, I shouldn't complain as we need the rain, it is a very important source of water, which is a shortage over here.


We attended our friend's surprise birthday party at the Bellhouse Cafe in South Perth on Saturday morning. Li-Ann baked a red velvet cake for the occasion.

The weather cleared up a bit in the afternoon and I was able to do my bike ride. It was a bit windy though, blowing above 20kph. I was able to average my 82km ride in 30kph. Planned to do a 6km brick run after that, but the skies looked pretty dark, so I called it off.

The next day, the weather was playing with me again. It was raining most of the day, and then it cleared and the sun came out. It stayed there for about 30 minutes, so I thought it was safe to take out the laundry. But just as finished hanging them on the clothes line, it started pouring again.

Likewise, in the afternoon, it seemed clear for me to do my run. But just after I got ready, it showered. So I hopped onto my bike trainer and started spinning. Then, 10 minutes into the spinning, the sun came up again. Frustrating!

Anyway, I did 30 minutes of spinning and it looked like the weather was holding up, so I went out for a quick 8.7km run. And quick it was! It was still pretty windy, blowing at about 35kph. But somehow I felt good and blitzed the distance in 35:23 (average 4:03 per km)!

I'm all pumped up now. Hmm... wonder whether I should watch the World Cup final tonight. It would be my first match :P

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