Sunday, 18 July 2010

Good things

We had a nice weekend. On Saturday night, we watched Toy Story 3, which was a great movie. It was really funny and action packed. Without giving too much away, I like the Spanish Buzz Lightyear best! Although paying extra for the 3D version wasn't quite worth it, as the effects weren't that spectacular

For dinner, we made a last minute booking at Al Fornetto in Scarborough. And we weren't disappointed. The service was quick and friendly. The food was good and it was value for money.

We went for a pasta pizza combo by ordering the gnocchi and pizza quattro formaggi.

Training wise, for my Saturday 82km ride, I tried on the 80mm clinchers. The weather was fine, pretty sunny and winds were pretty calm. I forgotten to transfer the sensor across, so I was riding against my stop watch and estimating the distances for every 10km. I averaged just above 30kph.

I then did about 15 minutes of transition practice. I have to admit, that speedy transitions aren't my forte and I still fumble a bit. After that, I did a 6km brick run, which I finished in 25:33 (average 4:16 per km), a new brick PB for me. Might have been the loosened leg muscles from the transition practice.

Sunday morning, I felt a bit stiff in the neck and lower back. But I thought I better not delay my run and to get in the bag. And I'm glad I did! The weather was fine and calm with a bit of overcast. My legs felt strong, despite a bit of tightness in my upper right thigh. I completed the 13km distance in 53:47 (average 4:08 per km), another new PB!

Feeling in pretty good shape at the moment. One week away from Port Dickson triathlon, will take it easy for the rest of next week before I fly off on early Friday morning.


plee said...

Hi Kev,
yr transition practice includes the flying bike mount right? I always get a kick out of seeing it done! Still too risky for me though.... tried to do it at PD last yr and the shoe flew off the pedal as I mounted LOL! As i stopped to pick it up was nearly hit by another bike from behind.... See you at PD!

K3vski said...

Hahhah that is a funny story. Nolah, I don't really do a fly mount, but I do keep my shoes on the pedals as I don't like running with bike shoes in and out of transition. Mine is a cross between fly mount and 'kampong' mount hahhah.

Li-Ann said...

if you look carefully, kevin has veins popping not just from his forearms, but also on his forehead.

K3vski said...

Eh you also have veins on your forehead ok? :P