Sunday, 4 July 2010

Delayed telecast

The 2010 World Cup has been going on for 3 weeks now, and nearing the closing stages. Though the fever has been hitting most people I know, I unfortunately, am not a big football fan. I haven't watched a live match since!

But I have been keeping up to date with the scores and delayed news. Quite a surprising outcome these last few matches. Traditionally, I used to support Brazil but it looks like it could be Germany's cup this year.

Speaking of being delayed, Saturday's cold morning had me put off my 82km bike ride for a couple of hours. As I opened my garage door, I felt some frost in the air. It must have been below 2 degrees that morning. So we thought it would have been a better idea to go to the markets first, which we usually do after my ride.

So I started my ride at 9.30am. It was still pretty cold but as the sun came up, it started to warm up a bit. My gloved hands began to sweat a little. The winds were pretty calm and hence, I was able to clock an average of 30.1kph. I then did a 6km brick run which I finished in 26:25, would have loved to go a bit faster but the headwinds on the return loop made that a bit difficult.

Sunday morning, again I put off my 13km run. Not because it was too cold, but we spent the night watching a movie on DVD (on hindsight we should have watched the Germany v Argentina match! I'm sure that was a lot more exciting that Men Who Stared at Goats!). But I managed to get some chores done, including installing a curtain rail. I'm such a lousy handyman, it was pretty shoddy looking!

I managed to run in the afternoon after having a bit of a rest. And what a delightful surprise it was! I felt good and legs felt strong, I had negative splits each 4.35km loop - 18:17, 18:09 and 17:42 - finishing the 13km run in 54:09, my second best ever if I'm not mistaken.

My fast last lap, I have the naughty kids in the neighbourhood to thank, who were chasing me on the scooters. Can't wait for PD triathlon in 3 weeks time.


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Looking good there with the training!

K3vski said...

Thanks Nik! You keep up your good training too!

Fong said...

Good luck for PD tri =) get a PB =)

K3vski said...

Thanks Fong, will do my best!