Sunday, 18 April 2010

Tired legs and a full stomach

After 5 weeks of layoff from running, I decided to do a 13km run (as opposed to a 30 minute one as suggested by my podiatrist, my bad!). The new orthotics have slightly higher arches but are softer and more flexible too. It allows more rolling inwards, to balance out my current over pronation.

I completed the run in just over 58 minutes. A far cry from my usual mid 55 minutes and my personal best of 54 minutes. I started off pretty well but couldn't sustain the pace. Looks like I have to ease back into my running regime.

In the afternoon, we did a bit of gardening. I never did have a green thumb. But I'm pretty pleased with our effort.

Moses in the cradle... hope these little plants will brighten up our barren grass patch a bit.

The next morning, I did my usual 80km ride. It was pretty windy, blowing at above 20kph. And I was feeling pretty sore from the run the day before. The Red Bull Air Race was on, but honestly I didn't see any planes flying that morning. I finished the 81.83km ride in 2:44.22, averaging 29.7kph. Slightly slower than last week, but I can't complain.

For lunch, darling and I treated ourselves to a buffet at Atrium, Burswood. It was a promotion - $20 per person for a weekend meal. Apparently, the restaurant will be closed from mid May until end of the year.

The place was packed! Good thing we had a reservation. But there was a queue to get a table, a queue for the seafood and even a queue to pay! Nevertheless, there was enough food for everyone, so we stuffed ourselves silly. And after Entertainment Book discount, it turned out to be $30 for the both of us, very worth it!


ian yusof said...

alamak, no pics of the food? :)that plant is good for people with thyroid problems ya ... I normally boil it with some barley to make a purplish drink - it cools off the system too. I hope it's the right plant that we r talking abt here.

K3vski said...

Hahha no pics, because as you know things can get quite ugly at buffets! With all sorts of food piled up high on the plates, not a pretty sight!

Ooh, I don't think we would be boiling any of our plants. Don't dare to take the risk, with all the chemicals we use to try to make it grow :P