Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ironman WA - SOLD OUT

Words can't describe how relieved I am feeling right now for signing up on Friday. Had I gambled and waited just a few days, I might have missed out! If that were the case, I wonder what would I be doing for the rest of the year, with no major race to train for, or to look forward to!

Anyway, a quick look of the confirmed entrants.

A total of 9 of us would be racing under the Jalur Gemilang of Malaysia.

F30-34 Lai, May Senn
M35-39 Blanarik, Miroslav
M35-39 Oakley, Denis
M35-39 Ratchaga, Ezer
M35-39 Sidek, Nik Arif
M35-39 Tang, Richard
M40-44 Frenz, Tobias
M50-54 Ismail, Mohamed (Sofian)
and myself in M25-29

It seems there is a biased distribution of entries towards the M35-39 category... and May Senn will be our sole female representative!

And not far from home, another friend of mine from Brunei (and the only one) will be doing this as his second Ironman.

M25-29 Junaidi, Ahmad Fathi

A few more friends in Perth (not that many as I don't have many tri friends here).

John Cooke M45-49, whose blog I follow regularly and I had the pleasure of meeting during a Craig Alexander appearance.

Viv Oldfield M25-29, my podiatrist, of which our sessions always overrun into the next appointments as we find ourselves talking away about Ironman races and training.

Shao Wu M35-39, who swims in the same group session as I do. Very quick on the bike as well as the run, and is making tremendous improvement in the swim as well.

Sam Goh M25-29, from ECU who trains with North Coast Tri Club and is representing Singapore at this race. I met him at Busselton Half last year.

For the full list, click here.

It's more than 7 months away, but I can't help getting excited! So excited that I finally broke 58 minutes for my 13km run this morning. Still a long way from my usual pace, but definitely getting there!


Frank@Runnerz said...

WAH! So many familiar faces. Wish I can be there to support. Sponsor air ticket can? :P

ian yusof said...

You're truly inspirational .... I think it will take me ages to reach to the point where you are now.... good luck bro and keep us update with your training and makan-makan ... hehehe

K3vski said...

Frank: Yup 9 is not a bad turnout. But maybe next year will be more? Partial sponsor of air ticket can be arranged with maybe some free merchandise from your store? Hahhah.

Ian: Hey don't say that man. I have been doing tris for a while now (about 7 years). Loving every bit of it!

Fong said...

good luck & all d best to you =)

K3vski said...

Thanks Fong!