Monday, 26 April 2010

Slowly but surely

I hope you guys like the new look of my blog. I've always wanted the layout to show my archives with drop-down buttons and my blog list to be arranged in accordance to most recently updated. But I never knew how. But thanks to Li-Ann, I found out it was just a matter of upgrading my blog template and adding in some widgets!

And the new template is SO EASY TO USE! Well, better late than never, I supposed.

It is the ANZAC Day long weekend. A good opportunity to spruce up the house a bit. We borrowed a grass cutter to tidy up the overgrown weeds in front of our driveway. I gave the new car a good wash.

Training wise, Saturday's ride had some pretty challenging winds, blowing at about 20kph. But the tailwinds at the end helped, I finished 82km in 2:43:11, averaging 30.1kph. On the course, I could see some guys putting in their last few miles before Busso Half this coming Saturday. Complete with aero helmets and disc wheels.

I did another two 13km runs this week. 58:12 on Wednesday and 58:21 on Sunday. I keep telling myself not to worry, my running legs will be back eventually. The recovery is improving though. When I did first run in five weeks last Saturday, I was sore for days.

The public holiday on Monday allowed me to sleep in a bit. I did an hour swim session at midday. But I struggled to meet my interval times when it came to the pedals with pull buoy set. Perhaps, I'm a bit overtrained and needed some rest.

Wishing all of those competing this Saturday the best of luck! Tear up the fast, flat course of Busso!

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