Monday, 18 January 2010

Slight detour

So I had a week of completely no running, to allow the soreness on the navicular bone on my left foot to subside. I spun on my indoor trainer for 30 minutes each day for 5 days and swam an average 3.5km for four days.

I must say, I'm feeling the improvement in my cycling technique and my swim strokes. On Saturday morning, the winds were blowing in excess of 30kph. I completed my 160.5km ride 4 hours 43 minutes, average 28kph - 1kph slower than last week but still better than last year's best effort.

On Sunday morning, I was keen to get my running shoes back into action. And with fellow die hard athletes at home, including my dad and sis, who were doing the New Balance 30km run, I was pretty fired up to do my own 30km run.

My left foot felt fine during the run. I started with a pace slightly slower than the 30km run I did two weeks ago as I wanted to be cautious. But soon, I felt some slight stitch developing at my sides and upon reaching the third loop, I decided to call it quits, completed only 13km just under an hour.

I'm a bit lost at the moment. It might be my running legs are still on holiday after being out of action for a week, and I probably should ease back into the distance. At the same time, I'm also contemplating sticking to short runs up until Ironman Langkawi to prevent any risk of inflammation of my left foot, and just rely on the cumulative mileage I did before this.

Food for thought for me to chew on. Speaking of food, Little Caesars just opened a branch in Leederville, which is just 10-15 minutes away from us. So now there is no need for us to drive 45 minutes all the way to Mundaring for their delicious pizzas.

This new outlet has a lot more choices on their menu. Li-Ann and I took quite a while to decide which ones to have. After much deliberation, we decided on White Rocks Roast, something we had before but was indeed a memorable choice.

And for dessert, we had Black Forrest cake. Yes, a cake baked on a pizza. Deliciously sweet.

The place was pretty crowded and the air conditioning wasn't too strong. It was a hot day too (42 degrees at it's peak!), so we didn't stay long. That night, we had to sleep in the living room as the bedroom doesn't have any air conditioning.


yipwt said...

darn...I felt eating pizza now.

Just take the runs easy. Under training is better than overdoing it, just to prevent injuries.

K3vski said...

Heheh come visit Perth (can be for IMWA) and I'll take you all to this pizza place.

Yeah, would take it easy and be alert to signs of pain. But it is difficult not to feel the pressure when everyone is doing mega training loads.

galnexdor said...

omg the black forest pizza looks so yum!!!!!

K3vski said...

There are plenty of other dessert pizzas there - cookies and cream, honeycomb, lemon cheesecake, green tea, strawberry fields etc.