Sunday, 3 January 2010

Make do

How was everyone's New Year long weekend?

We ushered in the new year with a pot luck dinner at Eric and Renee's place, with loads of food - pan mee, curry chicken, soy chicken, claypot chicken rice (hmmm, just realised we had A LOT of chicken). Yes, it was a Malaysian theme and for desserts, we had kueh talam, kueh lapis and Ribena cheesecake. We counted down to 2010 with the fireworks display... on TV... from Sydney Darling Harbour... 3 hours delayed telecast! (*hint* when's Perth getting back our own new year fireworks?) Having said that, it was a great night out. Thanks guys for hosting us!

New Year's morning, I intended to do a 160km ride, with a scheduled lunch break in between with Li-Ann. But I guessed my legs were feeling tired from the previous days' of partying and I decided not to continue my ride after lunch. Total distance cycled was 98.8km in 3:31:41 (average 28kph).

That night, we went to the movies for Sherlock Holmes. Pretty entertaining and funny. Clever too. The ending seemed like one of a Scooby Doo cartoon series. I don't know about you guys, but I think the villain, Lord Blackwood has an uncanny resemblance to comedian Russell Peters.

Saturday morning, I finally did a 30.5km run (7 x 4.35km) without calling it quits. Although I did walk for 400m on the final loop. Completed the run in 2:23:59.

Then in the evening, Li-Ann and I had dinner out for a change. Gianni's at Mount Hawthorn nearby. It was an interesting Balkan cuisine.

I ordered the Mostarski Odrezak, as it seemed to be the largest item on the menu. It did look huge at first instance, but I had no problems finishing it. I guess Ironman training has increased my appetite.

Sunday morning, I decided to do another bike ride to make up for my discounted ride on Friday. But after 30km, I suffered a puncture and decided to head back after fixing it, as I used my last spare tube and it was scorching 40 degrees. Covered a distance of 76.49km, in a slow 2:46:19 (average 27.5kph).

But we did make good use of the sun that day. We met up with Eric and Renee at Scarborough Beach for KFC and some wave hopping.

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