Wednesday, 27 January 2010

One day holiday

Yes, it was Australia Day. For the past four years, we used to have it as a long weekend. This year is was on a Tuesday.

Anyway, any holiday is always welcomed. On Monday night, we celebrated Eric's birthday with buffet and karaoke at Dragon Palace. Fun night out, there were some hillarious moments, and some undiscovered talents were unearthed too. Thanks Eric for the treat!

Tuesday morning, I did a 21.7km run. After not having done any long runs in excess of 1 hour since the new year, I was keen to get one done. And I decided not to do 30km, as to be cautious not to floor myself. I started off pretty well, just over 19 minutes for the frist two 4.35km loops. By the third loop, I slowed my pace down and was approaching 20 minutes, which is normally how I pace my runs anyway - start off quick and ease off later, I find that less stressful on the mind. I completed the full distance in 1:38.05 (average 4:31 per km).

Happy with another long run in the bag and reasonably good timing. I guess running with fresh legs helps, as opposed to running on the day after a long ride. I might just stick to this distance, and nothing more for my long runs up until Ironman Langkawi.

Later in the morning, darling and I joined Eric, Renee, Ivan, Joelle and Fozz at Scarborough Beach. It was a nice day, not too hot - 32 degrees. There were many young teenagers there in their Australian flag beachwear. It was good recovery after the long run. Dipping in the cold water, relaxing on the beach. We had lunch at Dome, which was pretty satisfying.

That evening, we joined the throngs of people watching the fireworks at Perth foreshore. It was Li-Ann's first Australia Day here in Perth. It was a full 30 minute display, a pretty sight.

Happy birthday Australia!

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