Sunday, 10 January 2010

Secret weapon

Li-Ann has been making banana strawberry smoothie for my pre workout drink, using the following milk.
No, we haven't got a toddler secretly kept here. The milk are leftovers from her nephew when her sister came to visit.

And I'm pleasantly surprised with the results. I completed my first 160km ride for my Ironman training this year in 5:30:52 (29.0kph average, not including rest stops), more than 15 minutes quicker than last year's best effort. Last year, I could only manage such a speed at half the distance.

Well, it could also be the new tyres that I have finally decided to use. Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick. The old Continentals were pretty worn out and I was getting punctures nearly every other week.

Or maybe it's the bike. Or... maybe it's my improved cycling ability, hehheh I'd like to think this last one as the main factor. Whatever it is, any improvement is most welcomed.

This morning however, I skipped my 30km run. My left foot is still hurting. The pain just refuses to go away, it has been more than a month already. I might just avoid running for whole of next week and see how it goes. This means, more time spent in the pool and on the bike.

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