Monday, 21 December 2009

Wills of iron

Surprisingly, with a sore foot, I was still able to run my new 13km route in 53:57 (average 4:09 per km). Must have been feeling really good that morning.

Saturday's 120km ride wasn't one without drama. My rear wheel got misaligned halfway, it was grazing against the frame. There has to be a way to make it stay aligned. Then, I suffered another puncture as I was unable to avoid some broken glass. But apart from that, I had a pretty good ride. 28.7kph average, another training PB :) Looks like Faith has finally started to reap in some rewards.

On Sunday morning, I did a 21.6km run - 5 rounds of 4.35km route in our new housing area. Somehow when it comes to a LSD, I automatically switch to Ironman survival mode and reduce to a slow jogging pace. My foot was hurting more too. Plus it was pretty hot. Completed the distance in 1:39.07 (average 4:35 per km).

Although it seems like I had it tough during the weekend, my wonderful girlfriend is the real hero. We invited our friends over for house warming for Sunday lunch and Li-Ann had been cooking and baking non stop since Saturday morning. She whipped up a feast of - stuffed turkey, paprika chicken drumsticks, prawn pasta, baked potatoes, pumpkin salad, cheesecake and a sticky date pudding for me to bring to my work colleagues.

I can't be any more grateful or luckier to have her! Love you, darling! And everyone who came enjoyed themselves, thanks for coming!

Though there is plenty of food left over, as Li-Ann would be in Malaysia for a week, she doesn't have to worry about me going hungry while she's away :P


Matty Wong said...

You are one lucky man! Good cooking goes a long way.

Congrats on training well, looks like Langkawi is going to be less pain.

K3vski said...

Yup, lucky indeed! :)

Hope to see you at Langkawi too, hope your leave gets sorted.