Thursday, 17 December 2009


I have been experiencing some nagging soreness at the inner side of my left foot, for over a week now. It is more severe after a run session, and sometimes it causes me to limp for the rest of the day. The pain goes away after a while when I'm running though.

Decided to see a physio about it before it. Of course, the common sense thing to do is to rest and stop running completely. But we all know that I won't consider that as an option!

I tried a new physio this time at St John's of God Physio. Because a friend of mine, who is one of his clients, told me that he's raced at Kona this year, and I found out that he qualified again for Kona next year by coming in 2nd in his 50-54 age group in Busselton a couple of weeks ago.

He actually said he's seen me running along Mounts Bay Road a couple of times. And he thought I'm a middle distance runner since I took long strides. He reckons I'm overstriding, and that tends to put on additional pressure on my joints. In this particular case, my navicular.

He also feels that my current orthotics are not correcting my arch enough. So once again, I got my foot taped, asked to do a run and report back next week.

Today's session took about 45 minutes. Though the clinic was pretty busy and I had to wait quite a bit before my turn. The consultation fees were A$17 higher than the previous place, but it was more thorough and he seemed keen to give some training tips.

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