Saturday, 17 October 2009


I guess the hype from last week's Kona Ironman is beginning to fade out. I blitzed my Wednesday morning 10km run with a time of 42:24, but some strong winds on Friday morning saw me dropping the pace to 42:49.

Today's workout was no different. I completed 80.42km ride in 2:55.38 (average 27.6kph) compared to sub 2:50 on a good day. My 6km brick run after that was slowed down to a jog, with a target of merely completing the distance. I finished the run in 27:39 (average 4:36 per km), about 1.5 minutes slower than usual.

Blame the 30kph winds, blame the sudden rise in temperature, blame the scorching sun... but I guess these things happen sometimes. We can't be on top of our game for each and every session. So, I'm looking forward to a new week, after some recovery, to be back in attacking form again :)

Speaking of slow... here is an interesting article from the Everymantri website, which I have been frequenting lately since Kona. The key message I got was - men who cycle more than 186 miles (about 300km) a week, can risk being erm... slow swimmers. And I don't mean swimming slowly in the pool, hehheh.

I supposed, in a way, it's a good thing that I'm under trained in my bike mileage. Even during my peak training period in preparation for Ironman Langkawi, I barely exceeded 160km per week. BUT I know some guys who do VERY crazy cycling distances, so you guys better watch out!


yipwt said...

Hi kevin, wong ah thiam cycles 500km per week during training :)

K3vski said...

Hehheh, I guess that's just the article's view. Whether or not it will happen to everybody, it's anyone's call.

I'm sure Craig Alexander does WAY more than that, and he has had two kids.

As for me, it's not so much on whether I'm going to take the risk or not. I'm not willing to spend so much time on the bike anyway.