Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Thought I'd write something about non-triathlon stuff for a change.

I attended a luncheon cum seminar yesterday at KPMG, on invitation by my former divisional partner. It was very nice of him to invite me. Most of the people there were from large corporates, whereas I was the only one from a not-for-profit organization.

The food was really good. It was a three course meal - shark bay whiting for entree, lamb roulade with cous cous for main, and Belgian chocolates with tea/coffee for dessert.

Although I personally would suggest having the lunch separate from the seminar, rather than have it while the presenter was speaking. It was a bit hard concentrating on economic forecasts and business trends, when you're stuffing yourself with gourmet food!

I also met a former client of mine there. He was very friendly to me... although to be honest, the audit I did for him didn't quite end up on such friendly terms. Maybe he can't remember who I am.

Speaking of audits, our audit is pretty close to it's finalization. Our auditors are still asking for random bits of information. But the end is near!

P/S - A cyclist who passed by me, while I was cycling to work, noted that my rear wheel is a bit misaligned. I hope it isn't due to over compression from the indoor trainer. I have aligned the wheel now, it's just the brakes that needs a bit of adjustment.

PP/S - That last bit had to be included separately, as this was meant to be non-triathlon related post! :P


Khoo Yit Kiat said...

You client probably one of those who thinks asian all look a like. haha.

I see that you have countdown for a tri coming up. I think the Tri season in Melbourne is starting soon too. Kind of a series.... sprint distances..

K3vski said...

Yup, but he's also Asian. I think he knows he has seen me before, but probably can't remember exactly who hahhah.

Yeah, summer is back!