Monday, 26 October 2009


Nah, I'm not having a high temperature or anything like that. I'm talking about the recent Long Distance Triathlon World Championships held in Perth. And the atmosphere building up to it... was pretty amazing.

During my rides to work, I see many elite triathletes practising the course in their flashy bikes, with high profile wheels and aero helmets. During my lunch breaks, I see quite a few of them in their national jerseys, looking for places to eat. It was a bit like tri Hollywood.

About a few months ago, Cookie from North Coast Tri Club, suggested that I sign up for this race through Triathlon Malaysia. I was apprehensive as the idea of competing with the world's best seemed somewhat intimidating.

Well, I'm kicking myself slightly now, for not taking up the challenge. There were plenty of spots available, and I might have found myself finishing somewhere in the middle, barring any upsets. Also, the course was favourable to me, with a longer swim (3km) and shorter bike distance (80km) than the usual half ironman. And, who knows when is the next time it will be held in Perth again?

Anyway, there was a representative from Malaysia, and he's no other than our Mr Nice Guy, Sofian. I had the pleasure of having dinner with him and his lovely wife the night before the race (which he treated myself and Li-Ann too! We owe you one, mate!) at Antico East Perth. Sofian finished in a gutsy 6 hours and 21 minutes, and believe me, it was a TOUGH race. The winds were blowing ferociously at 35kph, and just as it was time for the run, the wind stopped and sun rays were scorching.

Although I missed out on all the fun, I have no regrets as two of our friends, treated us to a wonderful cruise to Fremantle, followed by a delicious lunch at Char Char Bull and ending with chocolate overload at San Churro. And by taking part in the race, I would have missed out on this fun.

Yes, you bet dinner wasn't really quite on our mind that night! Thanks girls!

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