Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Something for Julie

Although registration ends tomorrow, I guess it's never too late to do a bit of promotion. Here's a message I got from a fellow Ironman(lady) Julie. Definitely a worthwhile activity to encourage the kids to get into.

Dear all, the Young Endurance Athlete Triathlon will be held on the 17th and 18th October, 2009.

Venue, Precint 6 Public Pool, Putrajaya.

The event includes a triathlon clinic on the 17th and race on the 18th. Registration will be opened until 7th October. There will be 3 categories for this race. Distances will be according to the age group categories.

A. 7-9 y/o = swim 50m , bike = 500m (0.5km), run= 100m
B. 10-12 y/o = swim 100m, bike = 3000m (3km), run= 200m
C. 13-15 y/o = swim 300m, bike = 6000m (6km), run= 500m

Kids from age 7-15 years old are welcome to register. Registration fee for participants is RM50 and will be collected on registration day (17/10).

We're happy to announce that we're also recruiting volunteers to help out on both dates. For more info , please contact us:
Major Kalam at kalampie@yahoo.com 0192712569
Amir Hashimi at ybicycle@yahoo.com 0122195552 (Facebook: Kalam Pie)
Juliana Ali at missjewelz@gmail.com (Facebook : Juliana Ali)

*Click on the forms below to print*


seah said...

I will put my elder son (12 years old) to this event. Hope when he grow up, be stronger as Kevin.


K3vski said...

Yup, by starting young, definitely would overtake me :)

Anonymous said...

heyya Kev. thanks for posting at ur blog ! really appreciate it ! :) anyways, Happy Birthday mr IronSteel !!!! :)

K3vski said...

No worries, Julie and thanks for the wishes! :)