Friday, 3 July 2009

Tragic light

Many thanks to the free invites given to our organization by Lotterywest, darling and I were treated to a wonderful ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet at His Majesty's Theatre. It was the final dress rehearsal and apart from our people from St Bart's, there were many Lotterywest staff members there as well.

It was a bit awkward, as I was on the Lotterywest audit team when I was with KPMG. There were some familiar faces but I don't think they'd recognize me. Auditors aren't exactly very popular!

We enjoyed the performance very much. It was pretty lighthearted with comical, slapstick antics. Romeo and Juliet were played by very young casts. It was set in the modern times rather than in the classical era. I've forgotten my Shakespeare. I was confused as to how did Romeo die in the end. Was it the priest's fault for giving him the wrong poison?

Li-Ann had a great time too. I was finally able to introduce her to my work colleagues. They've been eager to meet her after tasting her tasty cakes, which I bring in for morning tea every now and then.

...Perth Marathon, T minus 2 days.


reitak said...

Stumbled upon eh? keke
Yah, started late into my pregnancy...too much time in hand. before that, though i've always wanted to, I just didn't have time..

envy, envy I wanna run Perth Mara too...:D

I'm good, but busy with baby so only these 2 weeks I've started some miserable runs...hope to get back into the circuit soon...
You seem to be doin great!! keep it up!

kev said...

Thanks, Reita :)

It's okay, slowly lah. At the moment, enjoy other things in life, like your baby and your family!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Once again Kev, good luck and all the best for Perth Marathon!

kev said...

Thanks, Nik!