Saturday, 11 July 2009

Guess who's in town?

I apologize for the poor picture quality taken with my camera phone.

Without having this blog turned into a political one, here's a short clip on the man's take on last year's September 16th issue.

I was lucky enough to be roped in to help my friend out with this informal luncheon for Dato' Sri Anwar Ibrahim to meet the Malaysian community in Perth. The main event is the Interfaith Conference organized by Perth Lighthouse tonight.

Personally, I don't want to get myself too involved in politics. But I give the man credit, he definitely can speak well... a trait which is pretty rare amongst our Malaysian leaders these days.

...I'm attending my friend, Natasha's (the same friend whom we helped for the luncheon today) birthday celebration tonight. The theme is Caribbean Cruise and there is a murder mystery game involved! Sounds like fun!

...darling has been in Sydney for the past week with her brother on holiday. Maybe that's why I'm lacking a bit of drive in my training these days. Can't wait to bounce back on track!

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