Wednesday, 22 July 2009

For sale

In my previous post, I mention that there was another reason for me making this last minute trip for Desaru tri. Well, the reason is... I'm getting a new bike.

And as I only have a pair of legs and the new bike would cost me a significant amount of money, I have to bid a sad farewell to my beloved Ah Rui and put it up for sale. Don't get me wrong, I love my Ah Rui to bits. But it is time, my cycling see some MORE improvement and hence, the bike upgrade.

I have shared many fond memories with Ah Rui. She has been more than a bike. She is my companion during my long training rides. My fiery mare during my races. With my mediocre cycling ability, she has helped me achieved some pretty swift times (although still slow by some standards), including 6:08 bike split for Langkawi Ironman and 2:48 bike split for Busselton Half Ironman.

So here are the full details.

Quintana Roo Kilo

Medium 52cm frame - I'm 169cm, suits my height perfectly!
Frame - Custom butted AN-6 aero tube frameset with carbon fork
Front derailleur - Shimano Ultegra 6600
Rear derailleur - Shimano Dura Ace 7800
Shifters - Shimano Dura Ace
Crankset - FSA Gossamer
Brakes - Tektro Caliper
Wheels - Alex 220
Handlebar - Quintana Roo Alloy with clip on Vision Alloy aero bars
Stem - Quintana Roo Aluminium stem
Saddle - Quintana Roo
Seatpost - Aluminium aero post
Tyres - Continenal Ultra Sport

Here's their official website. But as 2008 was the final year they made the Kilo model, you're unlikely to find this model on the website. The closest is the Tequilo but that comes with Shimano 105/Ultegra whereas the Kilo came with Shimano Ultegra/Dura Ace. So it's pretty top notch for an entry level time trial/triathlon bike!

I bought it brand new in end of July 2008. It has been regularly serviced, every 3 months (I made full use of the bike shop 12 month free service). It is still in very good condition, apart from minor scratches at rear derailleur and handlebars, caused from unintentional falls (I won't be intentionally damaging it, would I?)

I have listed it for sale on for Rm5,500 (excluding pedals and bike computer). Members and friends of THG can get a Rm1,000 discount off the listed price.

I'll be bringing this bike down to race in Desaru next weekend. Sales can be made then. I can be contacted at If there is no sale (which I hope not), from then onwards, the bike will be located in Subang Jaya and my dad, Mr Siah can be contacted at 019-3351 254 to arrange appointments.

Grab it while you can! This is the perfect bike for those wishing to move on from road bikes to tri specific bikes, and at a bargain price too!


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kev, i want to buy your fast running legs can or not?

If cannot buy, borrow also ok lah.

Hehehe. Just kidding.

kev said...

Can... hehe but during Perth non-racing season, which might be racing season in Malaysia.

So... you interested in my bike? ;)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Your fast bike won't fit slow rider like me lah Kev. So, i have to give it a pass and not embarass your ex-to-be Ah Rui.

(Actually, i can't afford it)

kev said...

Hehheh that's what I thought when I was deciding to buy it in the first. That with my slow cycling, there won't be any difference between a time trial bike and a road bike. But it did help increase my cycling by about 1kph for each 40km.

Still, you are entitled to your decision. And if you're really interested, I'm open to all offers :)

yipwt said...

yea..i would like to buy or borrow your legs for running. Arms for swimming ya..

deal? hehe

kev said...

Hehheh Yip, for you, cannot! Because these are the only things I have left to compete with you, with your super fast cycling legs!