Sunday, 8 March 2009

More Ironman Langkawi 2009 pictures

Thanks to Mr Tey, Aini, Bobby, Jennifer, Mich, Lydia, Lynn, Hsing Ling and many others!

Packed in the van with our bikes

Bike check-in

Pre-race jitters
With Keat Seong - we're the sei ngan zhai triathletes!
My ever supportive family and Li-Ann

Out of the swim - very happy!

Hanging on during the bike with my beloved Ah Rui

The final run - from playing a fool, to laughing, to becoming a bit grouchy! Hahhah.

With my darling
Could have never done it without their love and support
Siok Bee and Keat Seong - eh, all of us are four eyes!
Multiple Malaysian women champion Dr Fiona Lim - having her compliment me on my run was such an honour!

Looking back at these pictures, it shows that if an average Joe like me can do an Ironman, so can you! About 10 months ago, just before I did the Busselton Half Ironman, I would have never thought I would complete a FULL Ironman.

And on last Saturday, yours truly became a rare member of the Ironman family. I sincerely recommend you to take up this journey - it is a life changing experience!


Lai Li Kuan said...

congrats on ur ironman status! ur gf so sweet supporting u all the way in langkawi :) one question, how do they mark the numbers on you ah?

kev said...

Heheh some races they use marker pens. For this one, they use ink stamp. They have the stamps for numbers 0-9.

Keat Seong said...

Great Memories Bro!!! :D
Letz hold on to them as long as we can... (Until December or Next Feb)... :D

Let me be known to everyone...
Kevin's Malaysia's Rising IRONMAN!!!

kev said...

I've made up my mind - see you in Langkawi next year! In the meantime, trying to recover as fast as I can for Busselton HIM in about 6 weeks time.

Jasmine said...

You're obviously not an AVERAGE JOE.. hello!! 4th in the nation doesn't qualify you the title of average joe.. hahahha

Where next for ur ironman?

kev said...

I'm saying Average Joe also can get 4th in Malaysia lah haha.

Trying to recover in time for Busselton Half Ironman in May. Then would do Langkawi again next February, can coincide the trip with CNY! :)

plee said...

Definitely Not Average! Not after an inspiring performance! Looking forward to on yr Busselton run up posts..

kev said...

Thank you Plee! (Lee Puh Heng is it?) You did well too, now all just in recovery mode, before going back into full swing!