Saturday, 14 June 2008

Impulse buying

TBE end of financial year sale... 20% to 50% off on ALL items!

Specialized drink cage for AUD20 after 20% discount. I bought TWO of these. Wanted one to match my current one for the Ironman, but they were all sold out. Should have bought this in the first place.

Dry lubricant for the chains for AUD14 after 20% discount. My previous one was a wet one, bought in November last year. I'm pretty generous with chain oil, so it is finishing quickly.

Netti Inferno jersey for AUD35 after 50% discount and Sportful Ronde knicks for AUD42 after 30% discount.


This is what happens when Li-Ann does groceries with her brother and I do my own shopping...

Pre-race carbo loading at Osteria Dei Sapori nearby...

Food was good, really authentic Italian. Really pampering service, price was reasonable. Highly recommended.

Weather forecast for tomorrow's Perth Half Marathon seems a bit sucky... showers with fresh, gusty winds. Sigh... hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.


galnexdor said...

love the jersey!

Kevin Siah said...

Eh? I didn't know you were a fan of red. Hahhah.

bola2api said...

everything also red karerr... don't cycle in malaysian kampungs.. nanti lembu kejar hahaha

Kevin Siah said...

Ya actually I didn't know I like red colour so much. I wanted to get another colour for a change, but no size lah.