Thursday, 26 June 2008


I missed out on my swim session tonight. As if I haven't been getting enough training already... not running as the knee hurt pretty badly after the half marathon two Sundays ago.

But the reason I missed out was, we were rushing for the 30th June lodgements for the super funds... and I was in in-house technical training for the past two days, so I could only catch up with the partner and my manager after hours. This training could not have come at a better time!

And the girl who got assigned to the job I'm managing as a transition between assistant manager to manager, just submitted her resignation. So my job was her last assignment! I was tied up with the in-house training, couldn't review the team's progress... a half completed file was delivered to my desk by the end of today. She's still inexperienced, give her the benefit of the doubt... and she was pinched by more senior managers to help out with their tasks. Their jobs more important mah... Yes, corporate politics at its best!

I'm going to have to miss out on our end of year divisional function tomorrow. Not to say I'm keen to play tennis anyway, but it would be a pity to miss out from socializing.

Looking forward to my one week in Cairns next week with darling...


Jasmine said...

u becoming manager soon? Congrats, kev!!

kev said...

Heheh thanks, Jasmine. Nolah, promoted to assistant manager. But they're giving us small jobs to manage and 'play around' as training to be manager.